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Mario Wedding Cake April 28, 2014

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Mario Wedding Cake

Our best Friends got Married in Maui on April 1st, 2014. I had the honor of making their wedding cake. They are Mario fans through and through. They even scratched their first dance and replaced it with a First Mario Cart game… She won.


Toad and Toadette March 25, 2012

My daughter, much liker her video-game-loving father, loves Mario and everything that goes with him. Her favorite characters are Toad and Toadette. I made this cake for her 6th birthday party. I had many, many ideas  for her cake, but she decided she wanted to design it. This is what she chose, colors, characters, the whole design/idea process was hers.

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She insisted on a Toadette Costume to wear for her party, My mom made the dress and I made the hat. She was thrilled!