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Spider Cake October 27, 2012

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While making the Halloween Frankenstein cake for my niece, my daughter’s school PTA called me asking if I could make a cake for her school carnival. I missed out on this opportunity last year  because we were leaving town to celebrate my son’s first birthday, so I was very happy to do it this year. My daughter, Leah didn’t want to make the same cake as we made for me niece so we decided on a Spider cake. I made it pink and purple for my her, since those are her favorite colors. According to the guy running the cake walk during the carnival, this was one of the first cakes to go!



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While visiting my parents this past week, my sister mentioned to me that my niece’s class was having a cake contest on Friday. I was very excited and volunteered to help my niece make it. We looked at a few cakes online to get ideas and she found one just like this one and fell in love. Fortunately, it was a very easy cake to make; unfortunately, all my cake decorating supplies were at home over 3 hours away. So, my niece and I headed to the craft store to pick up a few supplies then back to grandma’s house to whip it out.  It was so much fun being creative with my niece and… She won the contest!