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My little Super Reider is TWO! October 27, 2012

Today, my baby boy turns two. I can’t believe how fast the time goes.  My son, Reid, is obsessed with the alphabet, he knows the whole alphabet;  upper case,  lower case, and knows the sounds each letter makes. His favorite show is “Super Why!” Since we didn’t have a big birthday party for him this year, I decided to make him these little cakes of the characters  from “Super Why!”. All morning he’s been looking at them, touching  them, & naming them. I think he likes it!



Keirsten’s 6th Birthday

Pink, Sparkly, Princess Cake. I have only missed out on making one birthday cake for Keirsten. I was so happy that I was in town this year and able to make her cake!


Kylie’s Candy Cake!

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Pinterest is addictive… Seriously… I rarely use Google or any other search engine when I am looking for something to make. I even have multiple recipe Apps that I forget about because I am always pinning new recipes. I found a cake like this one on pinterest right before my niece’s 9th birthday, which is 5 days before Valentines; which is why I made it valentine themed. This cake is SUPER easy, very fun and the kids LOVED it!


Pretty, pretty, princess March 25, 2012

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I made this cake for my niece’s 5th birthday. It was, obviously, a princess theme. This cake was super easy and way fun!


Toad and Toadette

My daughter, much liker her video-game-loving father, loves Mario and everything that goes with him. Her favorite characters are Toad and Toadette. I made this cake for her 6th birthday party. I had many, many ideas  for her cake, but she decided she wanted to design it. This is what she chose, colors, characters, the whole design/idea process was hers.

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She insisted on a Toadette Costume to wear for her party, My mom made the dress and I made the hat. She was thrilled!


Construction Destruction

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This construction themed cake I made for my son’s first birthday party. It was SO fun to make a cake for a boy. My family is mostly girls. I have two sisters, two nieces and a daughter… Then my son came along. Around 6 months old he fell in love with a toy dump truck, which is where my theme idea came from. The party was very fun and easy to plan. I even made Construction cone party hats.


Here is the “spread” for the party. I put all the snacks in little dump trucks. 


It’s a Me! Mario!

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I made this cake for my video game loving nephew, Jack. He definitely takes after his uncles love of video games. He is currently obsessed with my husbands favorite game, much to his delight! I LOVE this cake! It was my second attempt at a Mario cake, this first was not good!